Why FRP & GRC?

Cost Effective Alternative

Fiberglass & GRC is a feasible alternative to the cost prohibitive traditional materials. Fiberglass & GRC is very practical when compared with the material, maintenance, and installation cost of other traditional materials. In addition to new construction, fiberglass & GRC is widely used for restoration of old dome and shikhar made from bricks, marble, cast stone and metal.

Light Weight

An advantage of fiberglass & GRC domes and shikhars is the light weight. The weight of fiberglass & GRC domes compared to the strength and durability far exceeds other traditional materials.

High Strength

An advantage of fiberglass & GRC domes and shikhars is the high strength.

Easy to Install

Fiberglass & GRC domes require less internal support structure. Fiberglass & GRC domes are pre-assembled, numbered, and labeled in our facility, to facilitate installation at the jobsite. Domes can be assembled and installed at the project site in less time eliminating high labor costs. Usually domes are shipped in the largest sections possible. The sections are “pie” shaped and bolted together at the jobsite. After the FRP dome is assembled it can be lifted with a crane as one unit. When placed on the building structure it only needs to be bolted down to the structure. General contract workers and carpenters are frequently capable of assembling and installing our fiberglass & GRC domes.

Maintenance Free

An advantage of fiberglass & GRC domes and shikhars is maintenance free product.

Unlimited Design Flexibility

An advantage of fiberglass & GRC domes and shikhars is the unlimited design flexibility. Fiberglass & GRC domes have the advantage over other materials because they can be molded into complex shapes. These shapes can be curved, corrugated, ribbed, or contoured in a variety of ways, with varying thickness.

Resistant to rot, rust, corrosion, weather

An advantage of fiberglass & GRC domes and shikhars is resistant to rot, rust, corrosion and weather.

Flame, hurricane, and earthquake resistant

Domes and shikhar are manufactured with latest technological advanced materials making our domes flame, hurricane, and earthquake resistant.

Easy Replication

Fiberglass & GRC domes can replicate many traditional building material including marble, stone and wood.

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