GRC shikhar, dome, column , arch, windows, zarukha, gazebo, ceiling

Devgeet Art And Craft are manufacturer of architectural GRC (Glass-fiber Reinforced Concrete) products for temple and Derasar.

GRC is a truly unique material. An environmentally friendly product used to produce beautiful Temple and Derasar architectural. Due to extreme flexibility. GRC is the perfect material to create detail and ornamental patterns. these products strong and lightweight yet sturdy compare to traditional as a marble, stone. GRC products are strong and lightweight making it easier to handle, more affordable to manage, installation is quick and cost effective.

GRC is durable in extreme weather condition does not suffer from rot, rust, corrosion, and weather. GRC required very little maintenance and easily repaired in the event of damage, GRC is the material from which the most ambitious designs can be created. It can be molded in to complex shapes this shape can be form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features.

GRC can be painted using a pigment oxide added to the mix at the time of casting or colored to almost any color or simply left with a natural white or grey smooth or textured finish. Without any doubt GRC is the dream material capable of materializing more extraordinary and stunning temple and Derasar into reality.

We can change any traditional / modern building in temple or Derasar by Indian designs from GRC material. We have experience make a Shikhar, Dome, Samran, Kangra, Chajja (Canopy) Columns, Cornices, Balusters, Zarukhas, Pillars, Gazebo, Singhasan, Celling, Murals, Wall panels etc.. to give interior as well external look and feel of Indian temple and Derasar.

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